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Here are 2 ways to display pattern on a web page with repeat effect.
Create a file with a text editor, copy and paste the html,css code, and save it as example.html

1) Pattern is represented as Base64 code Web browser support


2) Pattern is a file (PNG image) Download PNG image Supported by all browsers
Output image

16x16 pixels
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Generate pattern is a web tool that can create image (format : png or ico)

How does it work ?

- Just select a pattern size : (row and column) by default it's 16x16 pixels

- Draw a pattern (preview appears directly on background)

- Save pattern as image (PNG or ICO) to your computer

- Get Html and Css if you want to use base64 embed code or with downloaded png image

- You can save pattern to your account, just go to Log in then Create Account.

- You can create favicon image too (16x16 pixels).

- You can choose to get output image in differents sizes.

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